In Vegas…well the airport

I am on the way to see my dad in Arizona and am currently at the Vegas airport. I am here until about 2 and then a shuttle will pick me up and take me to Lake Havasu, AZ…it’s about a 3 hour drive. I still have a little over 2.5 hours to kill at the airport and I was all set to finish watching Season 3 of Arrested Development while I wait, well Hulu took Season 3 off!!!I am so bummed, I didn’t get to finish! Well I guess I just need the DVDs! It’s the best show!

I will be in Arizona for a few days and then my dad and I are going to Vegas next weekend. I am really excited, I have never been and am excited to see it. We are going to see Penn & Teller and David Copperfield which should be fun! I want to go out to the strip right now, it would be more fun than sitting in the airport, but I don’t want to drag my luggage around and pay for a cab! I’ll just stay here and find something to eat.

Today is the first day of classes at SCAD and it’s so weird that I’m not there! I miss all my friends so much, I miss the social aspect that school offers, not the work itself! Haha! But this is the first time in 19 years that I haven’t had a first day of school which is very, very weird!

And now for some pictures which I haven’t posted in awhile! I’ll let you know how my trip goes!





Book cool!

Book cool!













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