Vegas Through My Eyes

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Spiral escalator!!! That's so awesome!
















P.S. I got a job!!!!

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So I totally forgot to post that I got my first official post-grad job! I got an 8 week contract job with ProFlowers and I start on the 23rd! I will be doing some image editing for them! I am excited!!!!

Hot in Arizona!

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Well I have been here at my dad’s for a few days now and I am having a great time! The shuttle ride from Vegas wasn’t too bad, it was a little long, but not too bad. I sat in the back next to this older lady and we had the 3 seats to ourselves, so does she sit on the other end, no, she sits in the middle so that we are next to each other and she puts her purse on the other seat. Really?!?! I am one of those people who would rather have an open seat between me and a stranger and I know that’s not just me! And on top of that she kept talking to herself the whole time…it was very weird. I just put in my earbuds and turned up my music!

After I got here we took a drive around town (Lake Havasu City) there isn’t a ton here, but the lake (which is really the Colorado River) is beautiful. It looks just like the beach but instead of the water extending into the horizon, there is a beautiful mountainous backdrop. After the tour we came back and had a great dinner, salad, kabobs, and grilled pineapple! Yum! Yesterday I went to a business lunch with dad, he is trying to set a website up for this guy and he brought me along to give design advice and possibly design a logo. We will just see how that goes. Then we came home and went and sat outside on the patio. We all brought our computers out there and had mango margaritas and they were super great, and I drank the whole thing! For those of you who know me, know that is unusual! Haha! We had a great dinner of grilled pepper crusted ahi ahi marinated in thai seasame lime dressing topped with fresh lemon and dill, very good! We also had grilled corn on the cob, and grilled peaches and pineapple glazed with a mango puree, tequlia, worshishire, and soy sauce concoction…wow the peaches were amazing! And after we were done we stayed out there and just kept talking. It was really nice. Of course we had to wait until the sun went down because it is really hot outside, especially when the sun is out! But it’s still in the 80’s and 90’s when the sun goes down!

Today I had a very lazy day. We all just hung around the house and kinda did our own thing. We had breakfast on the patio (tons of fresh fruit along with bagels with salmon cream cheese) and then I started roasting so I came in and set to finish my book. I was reading this book that my mom recommended to me called, The Shape of Mercy. A woman from our church wrote it, she wrote her first novel in 2004 and has written like 8 more since then! The book was really, really good! It is a story about a young girl who is hired to transcribe the diary of a young girl who was tried as a witch during the Salem Witch Trials. It is such a unique and interesting story idea, and the Salem witch trials have always been interesting to me, especially after reading The Crucible. So if you are looking for a good fiction book check her out, her name is Susan Meissner ( And all of her books are available on Amazon.

Picture 1

After I finished reading that book, I started right in on the next one! The new Dan Brown book came out today. It is the 3rd in the Robert Langdon series (following Angels and Demons and The Da Vinci Code) so I went and pre-ordered it last night and it was delivered to my Kindle today! I just started it, bit so far so good! I have read all 4 of his books and have just been waiting for him to write a new one and I am so glad it’s out! So I will let you know how it is once I finish it!

Tomorrow we are going to go down to the lake and take a boat over to California! Haha! It;s like a 10 minute boat ride right across the lake – it’s Riverside County. So weird! But that should be fun and I will upload pictures soon. Dad and I leave early Saturday morning for Vegas! I’m excited!


In Vegas…well the airport

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I am on the way to see my dad in Arizona and am currently at the Vegas airport. I am here until about 2 and then a shuttle will pick me up and take me to Lake Havasu, AZ…it’s about a 3 hour drive. I still have a little over 2.5 hours to kill at the airport and I was all set to finish watching Season 3 of Arrested Development while I wait, well Hulu took Season 3 off!!!I am so bummed, I didn’t get to finish! Well I guess I just need the DVDs! It’s the best show!

I will be in Arizona for a few days and then my dad and I are going to Vegas next weekend. I am really excited, I have never been and am excited to see it. We are going to see Penn & Teller and David Copperfield which should be fun! I want to go out to the strip right now, it would be more fun than sitting in the airport, but I don’t want to drag my luggage around and pay for a cab! I’ll just stay here and find something to eat.

Today is the first day of classes at SCAD and it’s so weird that I’m not there! I miss all my friends so much, I miss the social aspect that school offers, not the work itself! Haha! But this is the first time in 19 years that I haven’t had a first day of school which is very, very weird!

And now for some pictures which I haven’t posted in awhile! I’ll let you know how my trip goes!





Book cool!

Book cool!












Back in San Diego!!

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So I have been back home for over a week now and it has been really nice to be back! And I have had a lot going on since I’ve been back, but I’ve also had plenty of time to be lazy which I do very well!

I had a job interview with ProFlowers the day after I got home, why I decided to schedule it that way is beyond me! I also scheduled a haircut before that! Haha! So I was running around. And on top of that I had to get gas because I had none in my car and it was FILTHY so I had to get a car wash too! ProFlowers moved their offices so I left early so that I made sure I would get there in plenty of time which I did. I met with Christine (the creative director) and she told me that they didn’t have any openings, but she just wanted to talk about what I had been learning and that they would keep me in mind for future freelance and/or full time positions. So I was a little bummed, but I knew that everything would work out like it always does! So I was just planning on getting a job somewhere, anywhere while I work on my portfolio and what not.

The next day I saw my dad who I haven’t seen in 8 years. He and his fiance drove here from Arizona and we went out to dinner. It was really good to see him, but very surreal and weird! But things got better and more natural the more time we spent together. 8 years is just a very long time, especially the 8 years between 15 and 23. The next day they got married at the county administration building down by the bay and it was just the 3 of us and it was nice. We went out to lunch and then I dropped them off for their cruise to Cabo. I got to drive their car while they were gone, a Subaru SUV, it was really nice, I was sad to see it go! Haha! I didn’t really do anything over the weekend, oh except I rejoined Weight Watchers with my mom. We are determined that we are going to be very successful this time! So far so good! I am excited to go back to the meeting on Saturday and see how I did.

On Monday we ran some errands and then my mom and Sport and I had dinner with my dad and his wife at Stone Brewery, it’s such a cool restaurant. Again, a little bit of an odd situation, but good for the most part. I had some AMAZING almond crusted talapia with rice and green beans! And my dad got some Arrogant Bastard Beer brownies which were really, really good! After dinner, my mom and Sport and I went to the movies and saw The Time Traveler’s Wife which was really good. I really liked it, and I love Rachel McAdams! The book is definitely better, but the movie was good.

Yesterday I was sitting around the house being a bum and wondering what the heck I was going to do with my life! It is really scary being out of school! Thank GOD for my mom and Sport or I would be homeless and broke! Haha! But then my phone rang and it was ProFlowers. They offered me an 8 week contract doing image editing. So yay! They are just working out a pay rate and they will get back to me by the end of the week! Whoo hoo! Hopefully it’s a million dollars an hour, what do you think, I think it could happen!

The rest of this week I need to unpack (haha yeah I still haven’t done it) and do some laundry. Sport is having his beer buddies over tonight so my mom and I are going to go see All About Steve, I am excited! And on Sunday we are going to see Spamalot at the Civic Theatre downtown. My mom and I saw it in New York, but we have to take Sport to see it, it’s soooo funny! Can’t wait! And then Monday I leave to go to my dad’s in Arizona, then we go to Vegas, then I come home and start work! Busy busy busy! Hope everyone is enjoying the end of summer! Glee premieres tonight! Whoo hoo!


Last Day Venting

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Please excuse me while I vent about how the rest of my last class went. Ok, so I got to school 2 hours before class so that I could print some final things and bind 2 identity proposal books that I made before class started. I did and was able to relax a little bit before class started. Well 2:30 rolled around and 3 people from our class were missing, (and there are only 6 of us) they were in the building but they were printing or doing who knows what. So my professor was still talking to some other people not in our class and then he said that we were going to wait until everyone got there to start class. REALLY??!?!? So finally one of the girls came up and we asked her to go get the other one so that we could finally start class. Well once everyone finally got there, they still weren’t ready to bind their books. So we had to wait for them to finish. And since I was the only one who knew how to bind, I had to help everyone else!!! So even though I was done, I had to help the other people. And I honestly didn’t mind because I know that they have all been working hard. But since they were taking so long I didn’t get out of there until 6:00 because I still had to meet with my professor to turn in all my work and talk about it really quick.

And before class started and I was binding my book he asked me if I had used the templates that he uploaded on Tuesday. I told him no because I finished the book on Sunday. So then he tells me that I had an unfair advantage and that is why I was done so early. And I was like WHAT?!?! What unfair advantage could I possibly have? And he said well I allowed you to use the materials from your first project in your third (the original project was to create a logo and stationery and then apply that to other pieces to create an indentity. Well since I did all of that for my first project he said I could photograph everything I did, add some more pieces and then I would have a more complete project) Some other kids did like a magazine for their first project (which we could do anything we wanted btw) and so they had I guess some “more” work than I did. But I’m sorry, I worked really hard on my Sweetcakes stuff and I don’t think that I had an unfair advantage, I did the same amount of work as everyone else. And I just couldn’t believe that he said that to me. So I said well what is my unfair advantage, the fact that I am taking 3 studio classes, something that no one else is doing?!?! That really made me mad!

And when I left at 6, there were still people finishing their work. And there were also people from my 8am portfolio class that I had YESTERDAY that were still working on stuff and one kid is even coming back tomorrow to turn it in because he still isn’t done! I just can’t believe that people weren’t able to get their work done. I mean I know that I don’t have a job or anything else outside of school, but I was taking 3 studios and I completed all my work on time and produced some pretty good work. This finals week was just so different than all the ones I have had in Savannah! But whatever, it is all done! I do have to go to school tomorrow to turn something in for another class and then again on Monday for my prof to photograph my work and then I can get it back. But my Sweetcakes stuff will be displayed in on of the graphic design cases! 🙂

Some More Photos for a Thursday

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I am sitting in my last class, it was supposed to start 30 minutes ago, but there are 4 people missing and there are only 6 of us in the class so we are just waiting. So I am just going to post some more cool pictures that I found that I hope you like too!

Haha this is funny

Haha this is funny



I love birds right now!

I love birds right now!

This is amazing!

This is amazing!

This is too cute!

This is too cute!


WHOA Gossip Girl!

WHOA Gossip Girl!

Picture 12

Haha these are funny!

Haha these are funny!

Picture 14

Picture 15

Guess I'm in a giraffe mood! Haha

Guess I'm in a giraffe mood! Haha

Letterpress Giraffes

Letterpress Giraffes



I want this house!

I want this house!

Picture 19Picture 20

Picture 21